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Animation, Angular, Canvas, Cloudred, Cooper-Hewitt, CSS, CSS3, D3js, Dekkergrafiks, Design, Facebook, Flash, GreensockJS, HTML, HTML5, Illustration, iOS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ogilvy, PHP, Responsive, WordPress, XML, Node, Exozet

  • Audi Ultra Le Mans 24

    The Audi Le Mans 24 live stream & aggregator was a super fun app to build. A Node backend pulled from Audi Sport's Twitter feed as well as from a Wordpress blog while live streaming the race for the 24 hours. Some crazy amount of users and terrabytes of data over 24 hours with no crashes!

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  • Ogilvy 2013 Annual Report

    The Ogilvy & Mather New York 2013 Annual Report was a real fun one! Not only did I get to roll my own grid, get wild with some CSS3 animations, and get to use some cool algorithms like collision detection and flood fill, but my easter egg passed legal and Ogilvbot (the v is silent) is now alive!!! Zoom in and try the Konami code on the navigation buttons: ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◄ ► ◄ ► B A

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  • Aetna in-app iPad Ad

    This was another in-app iPad Ad for Aetna. Highlights included custom HTML5 video controls (with scrubber), drag and drop, a d3.js pie chart, and a lot of greensock.js animations.

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  • IBM Secruity Headlines

    This was a responsive slide show ad to direct Mobile users to IBM Security Solutions. The fun part was animating those cool little icons in the header areas. #I♥Trigonometry

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  • Ogilvy Production & Tech

    This is an internal site that serves two purposes; To share the ogilvy production department's work and to keep track of all the vendors we deal with. It was fun to build even if there was a lot of slogging through WordPress docs.

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  • The dis-appearing non-west

    This site was designed and built by me for Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation's 2012 hit conference 'The dis-appearin non-west' organized by Chris Cowell, James Graham, Hollyamber Kennedy, Diana Martinez, & Norihiko Tsuneishi.

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  • Goderbauer

    This site was built for the architect Annette Goderbauer. It is similar to Architensions as it is built off an XML back bone but has a more traditional slide show display. There is also a full screen intro slide show which was pretty interesting to build.

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  • Archi[te]nsions

    I designed this site for the architect Alessandro Orsini. It was originally built in AS3 but I decided it would be easier to rebuild in JS then to keep updating the Flash and luckily the XML structure was intact. There is some nice JS animations here and I am quite proud of the minimal design.

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  • Ikea Share Space

    This was one of those huge builds and there were a lot of late nights. I had some heavy CSS3 transitions in the initial prototyping but we ended up doing most of the animations in javascript. My favorite parts are the iPhone like header snap and the infinite scroll.

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  • Schools That Can

    This was designed by Luke Hughett and Daniel Rivers and I built it. This was my first real WordPress build and I am really proud of the canvas map that I built for it. There was some very cool math involved in finding the boundaries of each state - and it works in all browsers!

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  • Raisinets

    Raisinets presented the challenge of having flash animations talk to javascript to talk to the youtube player to make sure nobody was stepping on each other's toes. I learned a lot about the youtube api and got a lot of free chocolate.

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  • Multiple Choice

    This site was my favorite site that I worked on at Cooper-Hewitt because I not only built it but I designed it as well. I worked closely with the curator and we came up with a lot of cool ideas. The site featured a flash video flip book and a nice light box to show off all the cool textiles.

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    Multiple Choicerai
  • Bratz

    This was my first real web gig working for Dekkergraphics with Cloudred in SOHO. I did a little of this and a little of that, learning lots and having fun. I mostly worked on the XML for flash games, some photo retouching, and a little design.

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